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Miss Joker By Other Artists

Miss Joker, drawn/presented by other artists!



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United States
Hiya! You can call me Miss Joker, also the name of my OC :)
I've been drawing on the computer for a couple years now, and am always trying to increase my drawing, coloring, and shading abilities! ...mainly need work on my shading.. haha :)
Hey everyone! :)
I know I've been pretty slow with updates and picture lately ^^;

I recently got a second job! :w00t: But that, along with other things, doesn't leave me with as much time to draw. So I've been progressing pretty slowly with drawing things :faint:
So I've been trying to figure out what I want to do as far as my page here and stuff :O
No worries, I have no plan on leaving or deleting my page or anything :nod:

But I will probably not be uploading AS much as I used to. So I'm thinking I might start to stick more closely to character things/OC things with Miss J and the rest :D

I'll probably still do some stuff with celebrities and cartoons and stuff like I used to but probably not as much. I think I can then focus more on comic pages and events and stuff and upload more stuff like that. So I can finish a project like that and upload like one a day or one a week or something for a little bit. Rather than just have like one upload here and there like once a month or something :) ...if that makes any sense..

Still trying to figure it all out but I think thats kinda the path I'm gonna try to go on right now :) 

Just wanted to give you all a heads up and stuff and keep you all updated! :hug: :glomp:

Also, what do you guys think? Good idea? No?

(CLOSED) 500 Watchers Vote! Which of these suggestions would you like to see drawn? (Character pictures are in the links in case you don't know who they are :)

14 deviants said Elizabeth From Bioshock Infinite Tied Up And Ball Gagged
14 deviants said Supergirl (CW Show) Hogtied With Kryptonite Rope And A Green Ball Gag, White Canary (Legends Of Tomorrow), Speedy (Arrow), and Felicity Smoak (Arrow), All Hogtied And Tape Gagged
12 deviants said Aly Raisman And McKayla Maroney Tied Up And Tape Gagged
12 deviants said MJ Tied Up With Red Ropes And Cleave Gagged With A Scarf "Keeping Her Nice And Quiet" :P…
9 deviants said Jyn Erso (Rogue One) Tied Up and Ball Gagged With Empire Logo Ball Gag. Tied Up By Miss J In A Storm Trooper Outfit
5 deviants said Cheryl Sterling (OC pictured in the link) Tied Up And Gagged With Miss J having stolen and wearing her clothes…
5 deviants said Emerald Knight And Tiger Bell Tied Up And Gagged By Harley Quinn Who Is Filming Some 60s Batman-esque Peril She Has In Store For Them
3 deviants said Kyle (OC with Black Hair In Link) Duct Taped Up And Tape Gagged By J (My genderbent Miss J OC)


I am thankful for you guys :) My friends on here. I don't really have many friends offline/in real life. So I'm very thankful that I have made some really good friends on here :hug:
>:[ Thank you, for reminding me why I'll never again upload an actual picture of myself here. (see journal for details)
Does DA HAVE to do maintenance every night right when I get home from work? :grump:
Woo! Last page of Miss J's Long Weekend is officially done and scheduled to upload tonight :faint: :) I hope you all like it. And don't worry, its not the only one. Theres a few more that'll be up before that one :)



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vladen13 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Here we go again.. ;P

Thanks so much for the faving-sale from Vault 13 , M J  :)

..... WWE Raw is on tomorrow night , but I'm assuming that's too soon ;) , but I'll be on the watch for when you know when.

In the meantime and inbetween ... ( that catch phrase was used by a wrestling announcer ) , it's time for our weekly tag game , and for the 2 sides of the coin... as it's my turn ...

I'll pick a theme of Famous Fan- Fiction triple threat ... His B-) (Cool)  and Hers Flirtatious

Now I'll explain the details...

I go first and pick 2 famous fan fictional characters... one male and one female.

For each of the characters , I have to show 3 " Different " examples of their fame.

When a character as famous as Batman , for example , has his own .. comic book , cartoon , video game , live action movie , toy line and song / music score ( among other media products ) then picking 3 of them should be easy.

But too easy in the case of Batman , especially for both of us ;) ... so for this game.. no batman or superman , cause we did them recently , and we should save them for another time. :nod:  There's a lot of other famous fan Fictional characters to pick from , so let's try to make it a bit more challenging for ourselves. :trophy:

So as I'm going first , I'll lead by example....

For the Male... I'll go back to an old favorite book series character that I still enjoy to this day.. his name is .. TINTIN

Here's his history ( in case you don't know him ) ...…

And here's the mix of media appearances ...

1. The graphic novel where Tintin started should be first... I call it graphic novel , cause it was more then a comic book form. I have the whole series , and this one is one of my favorites.……

2. Tintin was featured in a few live action films , and was done in an animated style of film similar to the Polar Express christmas movie.…

3. Like most movie's , a video game is made , based on the same , and frankly it rarely dose the film justice , as the game is made too quick in pushing it out to follow the film's lead. But happily , they did a good quality job with both the movie , and the video game. :)…

Okay , now it's the lady's turn... and I'm going with..... ( with a tip of the hat to your own performance ;) ) Alice in Wonderland

1. The Famous novel that started it all , is an easy start... and remains to this day a popular reprint. :reading:…

2. Of course equally famous is the amazing Disney animated version of this classic , but I'll showcase another ' Alice on film ' here with something that walks a way different version of Walt's wonderful classic.... a little something of weird and warning's to kids. :O…

3. Of course Alice , like many other famous characters in fiction , has had many face lifts... and here's 3 comic book examples...………

And there you have it M J ... Of Tintin , it was the Graphic novel.. the Movie and the video game.

Of Alice  , it was the novel , the film short , and the comic books.

So I guess now you get the idea of 3 different media presentations. :nod: And with that.... it's your turn. :highfive:
jokerismyname Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
Hehe :hug: nah its not till next month sometime :P
And I think its Smackdown actually :O 

Ooo okay sounds good! :D

OH I know Tintin! :D
Oh awesome :D

I remember when that movie came out! I still have to see it sometime :)
And that looks pretty fun! :D

Wooo! Alice in Wonderland :D I know that one :D of course :P haha

I read the novel actually :) when we were doing the play :D

Ow wow o.O :faint: I never saw that o.O
I saw the Animated version and the live action one with Gene Wilder in it :D

I was actually gonna ask if you heard of the game Alice :) but that one picture is from the sequel to it :D

Meep! My turn :O 
Okay how about this for my male.

A little known dog character, names Scooby Doo :3 hehe ;)
A dog america loves by the way…

Anyway though :D hehe heres 3 medias for scooby :)

1. Movie. The live action movie to be specific :D I loved this one and the sequel! I'm sure you've seen them but heres the trailer for both :) (I didn't see them in your DVD collections o.O?)……

2. Video game! Scooby has been in a number of games, as you know. That one I mentioned. And this one! which is another one I loved when I was little. It was for the original Xbox :) Called Scooby Doo Night Of 100 Frights! (Tim Curry voiced the main villain in it! :D And it even has a Don Knotts character :P )…

3. Comic Book. Okay Scooby has had a ton of comics! But this one is something new! :) DC has been putting it out recently, its still ongoing. Its a different version of Scooby. This one takes place in a more modern day setting and deals with the gang in a post Apocalyptic type monster setting! :) I could talk for a long time about the set up to the story. But basically Shaggy is a dog trainer for the "smart dog" program at this lab, one of the main scientists at the lab is Velma, who called Daphne (who is a prize winning reporter, but who decided to kinda walk away from it to focus more on mysteries and monster stories that she does a local late night tv show on. Also Fred works on it with her and is her camera man) to try to expose the lab because of these nanites that they released (and that theres a mystery on whether velma had more of a hand in) and the nanites end up getting activated and turns most people into monsters and stuff. Oh and Scooby is part of the smart dog program but hes considered a failure by everyone in the lab besides shaggy because his intelligence didn't get heightened like the rest. He can just talk and stuff. And theres a side story about this pack of smart dogs tracking down velma, lead by a familiar small dog named Scrappy Doo ;)
But yeah it goes on from there. thats the set up for it really :P…………

Okay female :)

Well, how about Harley Quinn! :)……

1. She actually originated as a cartoon...i'm sure you know all this actually :P haha but her first appearance was in BTAS. But as a side heres all her animated appearances in shows :)……………
^that seems to be the only picture of her from the new show coming out :)

2. Harley has also been in a ton of Video games! Many of them were her appearances in Batman The Animated Series games but also in the Arkham Games! Heres her 4 looks from the Arkham games :) Have you played them? o.O………:…

3. And Harley has actually been done TWICE in live action :) well...actually...3 times honestly :)
First was her appearance as Harleen Quinzell in Birds Of Prey!

Second was her appearance in Arrow! Voiced by Tara Strong! she wasn't really fully seen and then wasn't able to be used fully later because of the movie.……

And Third of course was in Suicide Squad :)……

I just think shes a fun character :)…

Oh heres a good one to end on :)…
vladen13 Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
Good to hear about smackdown , as I tend to record it anyway :nod: just let me know which week when you know so I can study the crowd. :sherlock:

I have the first Scooby doo movie , it's in that 10% of scattered around dvd's I've yet to find. ^^;

... and thank you for looking over my collection that well. :aww:

I've seen both , but I liked the first one better , cause I felt the second one spent a little too much of the movie on the personal story lines of the characters. It felt like the mystery was playing second fiddle to them. But it was awesome in it's effects and they did a great job of getting the likeness of the classic monsters from the series. :)

One of the great extra's in getting the dvd of the first one , was they included that animated opening , which sadly they didn't put in the theater release. :ohmygod:

I've played and enjoyed that scooby game , and I've played the super nintendo and sega genisis versions that came out before them. :nod: Even though they were 2D , they were drawn/animated well and looked cool!

:O .. I never saw that comic version!?... but Way Excellent! :clap: Thanks , I'll look that over next time I get to one of my comic book stores. :reading:

I had a feeling you'd pick Harley for this chat ;) , but then your well versed on her :D XD  and I'd say we're both know it all's when it comes to the Batman TAS :highfive: ( I've seen the other Harley's in the other shows , but I'm still a sucker for the first version of her. :lol: )

I have played various batman games , including those with Harley , but my faves are the Arkham series , of which I have 3 of the games. ( the forth was only released for the Playstation 4 , so I haven't got it yet , cause the P4 is still a bit pricey )

I never saw the whole birds of prey series , as I felt like they were kinda cheating in making it at the time when the X-men movie was popular , and they tried to do the story line of enhanced mutant like people as the main focus .. it just didn't feel like the batman theme that I was expecting... :( ... not like what their doing now with Gotham :)

I remember the Arrow one , and thought that was a cool hat tip :D  And I have the animated arkham bluray :nod:

uh ah ... no spoilers :shh: I haven't got that squad movie .. yet ;)

Bravo! :clap: that Harley / Scooby cover is the perfect one to end on! :laughing: Great job all together M J ! :thumbsup:
jokerismyname Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
I liked the first one better too :D
And hehe :P The animated opening with daphney tied up and gagged :P I remember that. I watched all the extras on there. I was little and had my first TV and my Xbox so I watched that behind the scenes video from it like 1000 times too :D haha

The game was great! I've played a few of the scooby games. I wish they had made more :O

Mhm! the comic is actually pretty great :D i like it a lot :)

Hehe :hug: of course harley Harley Quinn 

I liked all the Batman games I've played but some I can understand why people wouldn't like them >.> haha. I love the arkham games though. Arkham Knight isn't like amazing or anything. They kinda focused too much on the batmobile. and not at all on boss fights >.> haha. But I still like it a lot :) Worth getting when you do get a PS4 or Xbox One.

I've only seen a little of Birds Of Prey but I liked it :)
I do like Gotham a lot though! :D

Hehe :)

And I saw it but don't have it yet! :P Some day I'll get it :D

Meep! Haven't seen it?? Oh you did say that before :O Some day...some day.. haha.
But until then, theres this. Although I'm sure you've already seen it.…
Man I wanna watch it again now :O Harley Quinn icon 

Thank you! haha i've never gotten to read it but i remembered it was a thing :D

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Rob66 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Thanks for faving the latest in the captured dancer series by PhM!
jokerismyname Featured By Owner 3 days ago
You're welcome :)
RedRoper Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
Thanks for the fav
jokerismyname Featured By Owner 4 days ago
You're welcome :) thanks for the watch! :D
RedRoper Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
no problem :)
Rob66 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thanks for faving the elegant post-Valentine's Day art by PhM!
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