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Bound, gagged, and no escape!
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jokerismyname's Profile Picture
United States
Hiya! You can call me Miss Joker, also the name of my OC :)
I've been drawing on the computer for a couple years now, and am always trying to increase my drawing, coloring, and shading abilities! ...mainly need work on my shading.. haha :)
Hey everyone! :)
I know I've been pretty slow with updates and picture lately ^^;

I recently got a second job! :w00t: But that, along with other things, doesn't leave me with as much time to draw. So I've been progressing pretty slowly with drawing things :faint:
So I've been trying to figure out what I want to do as far as my page here and stuff :O
No worries, I have no plan on leaving or deleting my page or anything :nod:

But I will probably not be uploading AS much as I used to. So I'm thinking I might start to stick more closely to character things/OC things with Miss J and the rest :D

I'll probably still do some stuff with celebrities and cartoons and stuff like I used to but probably not as much. I think I can then focus more on comic pages and events and stuff and upload more stuff like that. So I can finish a project like that and upload like one a day or one a week or something for a little bit. Rather than just have like one upload here and there like once a month or something :) ...if that makes any sense..

Still trying to figure it all out but I think thats kinda the path I'm gonna try to go on right now :) 

Just wanted to give you all a heads up and stuff and keep you all updated! :hug: :glomp:

Also, what do you guys think? Good idea? No?

(CLOSED) 500 Watchers Vote! Which of these suggestions would you like to see drawn? (Character pictures are in the links in case you don't know who they are :)

16 deviants said Elizabeth From Bioshock Infinite Tied Up And Ball Gagged
14 deviants said Supergirl (CW Show) Hogtied With Kryptonite Rope And A Green Ball Gag, White Canary (Legends Of Tomorrow), Speedy (Arrow), and Felicity Smoak (Arrow), All Hogtied And Tape Gagged
12 deviants said Aly Raisman And McKayla Maroney Tied Up And Tape Gagged
12 deviants said MJ Tied Up With Red Ropes And Cleave Gagged With A Scarf "Keeping Her Nice And Quiet" :P…
9 deviants said Jyn Erso (Rogue One) Tied Up and Ball Gagged With Empire Logo Ball Gag. Tied Up By Miss J In A Storm Trooper Outfit
6 deviants said Emerald Knight And Tiger Bell Tied Up And Gagged By Harley Quinn Who Is Filming Some 60s Batman-esque Peril She Has In Store For Them
5 deviants said Cheryl Sterling (OC pictured in the link) Tied Up And Gagged With Miss J having stolen and wearing her clothes…
3 deviants said Kyle (OC with Black Hair In Link) Duct Taped Up And Tape Gagged By J (My genderbent Miss J OC)


Does anyone else have problems with putting uploads/files into folders in your gallery? It hasn't been letting me do it for awhile now. I still have a core membership and everything and the folders are still there, it just won't let me drag them in like it used to.

-Problem Solved! Thank you everyone :D -
I am thankful for you guys :) My friends on here. I don't really have many friends offline/in real life. So I'm very thankful that I have made some really good friends on here :hug:
>:[ Thank you, for reminding me why I'll never again upload an actual picture of myself here. (see journal for details)
Does DA HAVE to do maintenance every night right when I get home from work? :grump:



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Rob66 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thanks for faving Alazar's drawing of the angry girl today!
jokerismyname Featured By Owner 1 day ago
You're welcome :)
vladen13 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Say hey M J , My weekend stop by , brings me to say , of course , Thank you for your awesome faving this week! :hug:

And btw.. just a passing nod to remember that today is That Wicked Detective's :cake: day ;)

And to continue our tag chat... now let's see.. it's my turn.... :hmm:

Ah!, how about this combo ?... I didn't know you had some Irish to you , Begora :O_o: ...

And I'll tell you that I have some German in mine self. :beer:

So lets try this...  I'll pick out 3 things , ( and they can be anything from photo's to art , to songs , to books..whatever. ) that have to do with the Irish , then I'll pick out 3 things that have to do with Germans. :idea:

Then it's your turn to do the same.. 3 Irish pics , 3 German picks. So yours and mine family tree ( at least some of the branches ) will be the 2 sides of this coin. :highfive:


1. I've linked you a few Irish tunes already , and here's one with a good ending to a sad tale. :D…

2. Did you ever see this DC Irish Super hero ?..  :)……

3. One of my favorite movies ever! :clap: If you've never seen it , then I highly recommend it!…


1. Here's a oldies song that started off in German , though there's also an english version too. Both sound great! :sing:……

2. World War II ... well , what can you say about it that hasn't been said already , including to someone with a German heritage.^^;

In fact , there's something to that which has a personal mark on my family tree , and perhaps I'll tell you about it someday...

But It  takes away nothing for me , when it comes to some great classic war movies , I love em'! :popcorn:

And still today  , is one of the best of them all that makes for a awesome . well rounded drama that I hope you've watched , and if not... again , I recommend it. :nod: :film: The Movie is STALAG 17 ,  and here's a youtube full copy of it.…

3. Grimm's Fairy Tales.. nuff said. ;P……

And with that... your turn! :wave:
jokerismyname Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hiya! :D

I know :O I found out today :faint: I totally forgot :(

I do :D Irish and German too actually :3 Pennsylvania Dutch on my dad's side :nod:

Sounds good :nod:

1. Oh nice! :dance: I always like Irish tunes :3

2. Ooo I vaguely have but haven't seen too much of him :)

3. Ooo. Looks pretty fun! :clap:

1. Dang! I was gonna send that :P haha. But a newer version by another band :) maybe i still will. It is a great song! both versions! :D

2. Oh I'll have to check it out! :) Sounds interesting :)

3. Ooo I like Grimm's Fairy Tales :)

1. I looked all over but can't find the trailer for this :| But it was a movie when I was a kid that I enjoyed :) Disney channel movie :P…

2. Hehe I'm sure you've seen this. But our friend is doing an around the world thing and this is the Irish entry :)
Happy St. Patty's Day from Aislen Murphy!

3. :giggle:…

1. Well here is the newer version I talked about! I actually learned the German part of this one :) it took awhile o.O…

2. Okay I'm gonna veer off to PA Dutch now cause thats closer to my heritage :) This is a PA Dutch comedian that used to tour around here :) My grandfather collected his albums a long time ago :)
Its an old style of humor (of course, being that its from the 50s) such as an outhouse behind the gas station. Hehe :P but I think you'll be able to appreciate it :)…

3. Okay keeping in the PA Dutch realm so how about this!
It keeps in theme of irish too!
Also hes wrong :P Its not Dutch people in PA, the Dutch refers to Deitsch or Deutsch, meaning German! :)…
Side note here. If you ever get a chance to try Shoofly Pie :3 do that :D its so good :)
(Scrapple is also very good despite what you'd think. Its really good with syrup :D Can be good with ketchup or mustard too if you like those :)
vladen13 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Well belated well wishes are good wishes regardless ;)

Really ?, that a rich mix of heritage :)

It's grand film , and it marks Sean Connory's first US film debut :film:

1. Hmm.. never heard of that one.. I'll have to look it over. :popcorn:

2. Indeed I have :D , and an excellent choice! XD

3. LOL :laughing: That's Hilarious! , watched the show before , but missed that one. :lol: Thx!

1. Cool!.. That's a good version! :) .. Can't really go wrong with a classic like that. :sing:

2. You thought right! :D It's fun stuff!.. ( though I assure you , I'm not as old as your Grandfather :giggle: )

But I do appreciate vintage entertainment , all the same. :nod:

3. That's pretty novel , watching the taste test's of two different cultures , :hungry: Thanks!, I enjoyed that!

And based on how the knowledge you have , :O I'll take your word for it. ;)

... in fact , knowing all that you do about the Dutch , I can give you another nick-name of...  the ' Dutchess ' ;P
jokerismyname Featured By Owner 3 days ago
:D I remember it being a pretty good movie! But I haven't seen it in years >.> haha.

And I love whose line is it anyway :w00t:

Hahaha I didn't think you were THAT old. I just meant that from your film choices I'd say you would probably appreciate that older style humor :nod:


Hehe I thought it was pretty cool :D

It is so good :3

Hehe true :P PA Dutchess :P haha
Rob66 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thanks for faving the post-St. Patrick's Day "go green" Alazar drawing!
jokerismyname Featured By Owner 5 days ago
You're welcome :)
Rob66 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Hope you have an enjoyable St. Patrick's Day!  Thanks for the fave!
jokerismyname Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thank you :) You too! :) And you'r welcome
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